Camping Packing List

Troop 62 Camping Packing List

posted Sep 12, 2009, 7:53 AM by Senior Patrol Leader

The General Packing List for most Troop camping trips is as follows:
__ Sleeping bag (synthetic fill preferred over cotton)
__ Sleeping pad (prefer self-inflating or egg-crate over large air matresses)
__ Pillow
__ Mess Kit (prefer Lexan or other hard plastic over metal), with utensils.
__ Water Bottle
__ Headlamp or Flashlight
__ Raincoat or Poncho (Rain Pants if possible)
__ Warm Top Layer (Polar Fleece preferred over cotton sweatshirts)
__ Seasonally appropriate clothing: shorts and/or long pants; 1-2 changes of socks, underwear, and t-shirts; long-sleeved shirt.
__ Warm hat and gloves
__ 2 sets of footwear (prefer hiking boots + second set of old camp shoes)
__ Scout Handbook (in zip-lock bag)
__ Class A or B (troop t-shirt) uniform should be worn during transport, especially when location is a BSA camp (no Bandana needed)
__ Sunscreen/Bug Repellant (non-aerosol)/bug head net.
__ Toothbrush and Paste (Mr Perkins KNOWS if you have been bad or good!  He reports to Santa!)
__ Permission form and camping fee (Payable to Troop 62)
__ Money for meals/snacks enroute during longer trips
__ Medications; unless accompanied by a parent, please label and give to Mr. Loff or designated adult at check-in.
Optional:  Pocketknife WITH TOTIN' CHIP (See Mr Loff if you need one), Camara, Cards, Hacky-sacs, books, football, soccer ball, frisbee.
Backpacks are preferred, but not necessary for most trips.
Electronics (cell phones, games, music systems) are allowed in cars during transports ONLY, and must remain locked in cars during camping.
Personal snacks are o.k. in cars.  If present in camp, they must be shared with everyone. 
*** High caffeine energy drinks are allowed with written parental permission only (specifying type and quantity allowed).***
NO FOOD IN TENTS EVER!!!  No flames in tents!!!
PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING!!! (Especially things like uniforms, Troop t-shirts, mess kits, Scout Handbooks - they all look the same).
Optional for adults only:  Coffee pots and coffee!!! Big tents (Scouts will sleep in Troop tents), folding chairs, folding cots, etc.

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