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Cave Camp Out Sign Up

Dates:  Friday, November 18 to Sunday, November 20

Location:  Eagle Cave, Blue River, Wisconsin

Activities:  Explore and camp in Wisconsin's largest Onyx cave;  an amazing opportunity to crawl through over 2400 feet of tunnels and crawl spaces.  A very safe, but thrilling experience that is historically a Troop favorite.  Other activities at the site include hay rides, scavenger hunts, hiking, and a game room.  All food is cooked and served by the cave staff in a dining hall (the food is very good!).  Visit their website at www.eaglecave.net for more information.

Cost:  $58 per person (expensive, but worth it ... a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity).
Payments can be made by check or online here:
Departure:  Friday, 11/18/11, Meet 5:15 pm in CPC lot for 5:30 departure.  Bring money for fast food dinner stop en-route!Eagle Cave is half-way between LaCrosse and Madison ... a 4 hour drive.  We must leave in a timely fashion!

Return:  Sunday, 11/20/11, approx. 2:00 pm to CPC lot.

RSVP:  Because we must make a full payment soon, please RSVP and pay for this trip before the Troop meeting on Monday, September 26!  (or contact Mr. Harrington to arrange other payment options).

Dinner:  Unlike our usual procedures, we will be stopping for a quick, fast-food dinner on the way.  Please bring money for this meal.

Permission Slip:  Please print and bring a signed and completed permission slip!  The slips can be found on our www.edinatroop62.org site.
Driving Directions:  directions and additional information can be found on the Eagle Cave site at www.eaglecave.net .

Packing List:  Please remember that we will be spending the weekend in a damp, cool, dirty environment.  DO NOT send any cloths along that would be missed if lost or basically destroyed.  Here is a suggested list:

* Sleeping bag - preferrably warm synthetic/poly fill; cotton types will retain water.* Sleeping pad - the troop has tarps for under
* Pillow
* Plastic garbage bag to put dirty cloths in for return trip.
* Separate set of clean cloths for return home - put in large zip-lock bag.
* Headlamp with extra batteries
* Water bottle
* Rain gear.
* Warm coat - for outdoor hiking and hay-rides (we can't spend the whole time in the cave)
* Long pants/jeans - these will get very dirty!
* Long underwear for warmth - preferrably poly
* Two pair footwear - one old, closed-toe pair for in the cave, and one pair for hiking; No Crocs!
* Polar fleece or wool top for in the cave (stays between 40 - 50 degrees)
* Optional coveralls or carhardts for climbing through the cave.
* Uniform or Troop T-shirt (Class B uniform) to wear during transports (BSA regulation)
* Toothbrush (Mr Perkins knows if you don't brush!  And he talks to Santa!)
*  Medications in labeled bottles
*  Money for game room/snacks
If you bring things like books, magazine, cards, cameras, etc., please put them in zip-locks to keep them dry.
Electronics (games, cell phones, ipods, etc.) may be used in the cars during the transports only, but must remain locked in the cars while at the Cave!
*** If Scouts wish to purchase any type of high caffeine energy drinks, they must have a signed parental permission notestating the type and quantity allowed.  In that one of the basic goals of scouting is to promote healthy lifestyles, the use of these products is not recommended.
Contact information:  My Cell is 612-747-3955.  For emergencies, the Eagle Cave number is 608-537-2988.

Scout sign up:  See current sign up list at bottom of page.

Current Sign Up List

Cave Camp Out Sign Up