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Reminders of upcoming events

posted Apr 8, 2010, 6:56 PM by Edina Troop 62   [ updated Apr 8, 2010, 6:57 PM by Christian Klus ]

Hi Campers -


Just a few reminders about upcoming events and/or deadlines:


1.  Fire Hydrant Painting Service Project - Join us for this fun, and yet important service to our community.  This Saturday, April 10, 9:30 am to lunch.  Meeting at CPC parking lot.  If possible, please RSVP at 
http://www.edinatroop62.org/info/service-project-sign-up . 


2.  Deep Portage Environmental Learning Center Trip - April 16-18. 

 RSVP Deadline is Sunday, April 11th at 10pm.

Earn the Orienteering Merit Badge (a very good Badge in a very short time!), practice a little archery, do some rock-climbing, and hang-out in an exceptional outdoor education facility.  Info and RSVP at http://www.edinatroop62.org/info/camp-out-sign-up .


3.  StarCamp 100th Anniversary Jamboree - May 21-23 at Stearns Scout Camp.

While the on-line RSVP on our website is closed, we still have a few spots available.  To sign-up for this once-in-a lifetime experience, please e-mail Scoutmaster Loff at loffbrothers@comcast.net .  More information and videos can be found on the Troop website.


4.  Patrol Lashing Challenge -  Don't forget to bring your assigned ropes and building materials for the competition on Monday.  Winning patrol will go pistol shooting with Mr. Loff at the Edina Public Safety shooting range!


5.  Practice your mad Ninja skills.  The Battle begins Monday!  


6.  Eagle Court of Honor for Robbie Goebel and Justin Perkins.  Sunday, April 25th.  Invitation coming soon!  Plan to attend this very impressive event and see what this whole Eagle Scout thing is about.


7.  New Scout Orientation, Sunday, May 2nd, 6:00 - 8:30 pm at Davanni's Pizza. 

A special program for parents and scouts that have joined the Troop in the past year.  We'll eat pizza (free) and discuss basic scouting ideas like ranks, Merit Badges, Eagle projects, the role of parents, fees and fund-raising, basic equipment, etc.  Past experience shows this is a great way to get a fast start in scouting.


8.  New Webelo Fun  Event - Wednesday, April 28th, 7:00 - 8:00. 

Just a fun event for the new Webelos that are joining the Troop.   Since Scouting is all abut building healthy bodies, we'll be learning about how your heart works by cutting up some real hearts to see how they work, and hooking ourselves up to a heart monitor to see what happens.  Will meet at Fairview Southdale Hospital  (more information to come).