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Sea Base Sign Up

Troop 62 is putting together a lottery request for an expedition to the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base in 2013.  Troop 62 last sent a crew to Sea Base two years ago, and everyone came back with rave reviews of the experience.

Sea Base offers multiple week long adventures in the Florida Keys that include fishing, swimming, sailing, camping, and many other activities.  More information on the adventures is on the Sea Base website. A Sea Base video is also available.

We can submit lottery requests for multiple crews and multiple dates.  We are considering expeditions during Spring Break 2013, and during summer months (June, July, August of 2013).  Please indicate your preferred dates in the form below. 

  • Participants must be thirteen (13) and graduated from the 8th grade or fourteen (14) years old to participate in all programs. Youth who would be eligible to attend the summer season (May-August) ARE eligible for spring program of that year (February-April).  AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR SEA BASE CANNOT BE RELAXED. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST OR EXPECT EXCEPTIONS!
  • The ability to swim 100 yards (official BSA swim test) and stay afloat for one (1) minute.
  • Must be in good health evidenced by a SEA BASE Health and Medical form filled out and signed by your doctor within the past 12 months. A special SCUBA Medical and Waiver are required for the SCUBA Certification Program. Inquire early with questions about medical requirements for participation.
  • No participant may weigh in excess of 300 pounds. Participants not meeting this requirement will be sent home at their own expense.
Each crew must contain 6-8 participants including adults, and must contain at least 2 adults.  At least half of each crew must be youth.  At least one member of each crew must be trained in Wilderness First Aid.

The Sea Base fees vary from $765-$900 per person for the programs that we are considering.  This does not cover travel expenses.  The Northern Star Council estimates the total cost per person including travel from Minneapolis is $1700, but this could vary depending on airfare prices next year.

For Spring expeditions, the first half payment is due August 1st.
For Summer expeditions, the first half payment is due October 1st.
Final half payments are due 90 days prior to the adventure arrival date.

We will be notified of our lottery results at the end of February.  If we receive a crew spot based on the lottery, we will submit a full reservation application and are required to submit a $100 per person non-refundable deposit. We will form crews based on preferences submitted in the form below.  If we have more scouts than available crew spots, we will give preference to scouts that have not previously attended Sea Base, and will give preference to older Scouts.  

For the lottery, we are considering the most frequent departing adventures to increase our chances of winning a spot.  The most likely adventures are Out Island Adventure ($765), Keys Adventure ($765), Coral Reef Sailing ($769), Scuba Certification Adventure ($900) and Florida Fishing Adventure ($900).  If there is a different adventure that you would like to do, please put this in the "other" field in the form.  If there is enough interest in the other adventures, we can include it in the lottery request.

Please sign up by Monday, January 30th.  We will submit the lottery request during the first week of February.

Contact Craig Lebakken (craig@lebakken.com or 952-994-1035)

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Current scouts signed up